For Elementary Schools

Say Hello to Banzai Junior


For Elementary Schools

Say Hello to Banzai Junior

Banzai lets you

Teach from a modern toolbox

Throw out your lesson plans—Banzai is built for a modern classroom. No prep work, no manual grading. It’s all online.

Banzai pushes them to

Go beyond the basics

Banzai Jr. uses real-world situations—like paying unexpected expenses, finding creative ways to earn money, and setting savings goals—to teach young children about managing their own money.

Banzai frees them to

Choose their own adventure

Let them make choices and experience the consequences of their own decisions in a safe and fun environment.

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Banzai helps you

Guide them to achieve their goals

Saving isn't about amassing a pile of money—it’s about reaching goals. Teach your students how making financial trade-offs today affects their choices in the future.

Banzai shows you how to

Warn them of debt

It's never too early to teach students to spend and save their own money. Banzai Jr. shows them how borrowing money, while useful, can prevent them from attaining their goals.