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Banzai is an interactive, award-winning course that has taught millions of students real-world finance.
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Teach Budgeting
Students learn how to track every income and expense with the double-entry method, which helps them learn financial trade-offs: spending more in one area means spending less in another.
Printed Workbooks

With each course—Junior, Teen, or Plus—comes a printed workbook that lets your students take a deeper dive into challenging, age-appropriate activities. Order for free packs of 20 when you sign up!

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Everybody Loves Banzai
Teacher Feedback
There is no doubt in my mind that when students use technology to learn, it becomes fun, and Banzai is exactly that!
Auburn Junior High, New York
Teacher Feedback
Thank you for your sponsorship of Banzai. I used it with both 8th and 10th graders to teach financial responsibility. Your support of our students is greatly appreciated!
Hagerstown Jr.-Sr. High School, Indiana
Student Feedback
One thing I learned is that it pays off to do good and be smart about the future! Get insurance, donate to charity!
Brush High School, Colorado
Student Feedback
Banzai helped me realize how to manage my money with different choices and made me realize which choices are smart ones!
Christ Lutheran School, New Mexico
Student Feedback
One thing I learned in Banzai I didn't know before is that sometimes you need to give something you want up for something you need.
Seton Catholic High School, Indiana
Teacher Feedback
Every day my students ask, "When is the next time we will use Banzai?"
LC Swain Middle School, Florida
Simulate Real Life
Banzai exposes students to real-life adult financial dilemmas, from taming a budget and paying auto insurance to navigating taxes.
Banzai supports parents with free resources and tips for teaching financial literacy at home. Visit to learn more.
Choose Wisely
Students are in the driver's seat—their choices throughout the game are flexible and affect their ability to save and avoid surprise costs.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is Banzai really free? Group 15 Copy 6 Created with Sketch.

    Banzai is 100% free for educators and students. Completely. No strings, no catch. Hundreds of banks and credit unions around the country, who care about teaching young people to be financially responsible, generously sponsor Banzai in their local communities.

    Do I have a sponsor?

    When you sign up and tell us which school you're at, Banzai will reveal your sponsor. If you don't have a sponsor, don't worry! You can still use Banzai on the web, at no cost, with no sponsor. Banzai's software is completely open and ready to use by any teacher, anywhere.

  • Does Banzai align with my states's curriculum standard? Group 15 Copy 6 Created with Sketch.

    Click here to see how Banzai aligns with standards of learning (SOLs) in your state.

  • What does Banzai teach? Group 15 Copy 6 Created with Sketch.

    Banzai features three financial literacy courses: Banzai Junior, for elementary-age students, Banzai Teen, for junior and senior high schools and Banzai Plus, a new, advanced course for high school-age students. Banzai is supplemental, however, it's designed to teach your students about finance using experience-based learning techniques to make its curriculum memorable and impactful.

    See the Banzai Junior course overview here, the Banzai Teen overview here and the Banzai Plus course overview here.

  • How long does it take? Group 15 Copy 6 Created with Sketch.

    Banzai is flexible. It is designed to fit your schedule. At a minimum, plan two to five classroom hours to complete Banzai. If you are looking to fill more classroom hours, consider teaching from the Teacher's Edition of Life Scenarios, which contains additional resources to expand the curriculum, while your students complete the activities online.

  • What age groups is Banzai appropriate for? Group 15 Copy 6 Created with Sketch.

    In Banzai, there are three courses: Banzai Junior for elementary grade students (ages 8 thru 12), Banzai Teen, designed for middle, junior high, and high school students (ages 13 to 18) and Banzai Plus, for advanced classes (ages 16 and up).

    When you sign up, you can manage multiple classes and choose the courses that fit best.

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