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Banzai is an award-winning, interactive content platform that teaches real-world finance. See why over 80,000 teachers in over 50% of U.S. schools are using Banzai.

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What Does Banzai Teach?

  • Borrowing

  • Budgeting

  • Saving

  • Spending

  • Setting Goals

  • Internet Safety

Teach real-world finance and practical life experience. Banzai lets your students practice managing their money and test their decision making skills. Best of all: it grades itself!

Banzai supports all learning and teaching styles.

  • Interactive Courses

    Teach skills like budgeting, saving, understanding debt, using the internet safely, and more with experience-based online games. Virtual badges keep students motivated as they master diverse financial topics.

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    Display of Banzai's courses on a tablet
  • Printed Workbooks

    Free printed workbooks complement each financial literacy course and challenge students to use critical thinking, math, and vocabulary to work through real-life scenarios. Booklets are shipped directly to your school.

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    Colorful cards with fun illustration that accompany the Banzai Junior workbook
  • Banzai Library

    The comprehensive digital library allows students to dive even further into vital financial topics. Students can read all about health insurance, discover what the 50/30/20 rule means for them, calculate what it takes to pay off a credit card, and much more.

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Banzai curriculum page window

Banzai Aligns with Your State's Curriculum Standards!

The Banzai courses cover a wide range of financial topics that prepare students for the future while fulfilling your state’s standards of learning (SOL). Take a closer look at how each course aligns with your curriculum standards.

Explore Curriculum

Each course includes a pre-test, interactive learning activities, and a post-test that lets you easily track your students’ progress.

  • Kids running a lemonade stand in the neighborhood

    Banzai Junior

    Ages 8-12 | English & Spanish

    By successfully running a lemonade stand, students learn to track revenue and expenses, pay back loans, and work towards a savings goal.

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  • Teenager exploring a financial themed skate park

    Banzai Teen

    Ages 13-18 | English & Spanish

    Students save for college while facing day to day budgeting scenarios and unexpected financial challenges.

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  • A street with shops and mountains in the background

    Banzai Plus

    Ages 16+ | English & Spanish

    In the most difficult course, students attempt to buy a home by saving enough money, paying off debt, and boosting their credit.

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  • Girl with sword and shield surrounded by cyber attacks.

    Internet Safety

    Ages 9-15 | English

    Students learn how to safely navigate the internet by practicing real-life scenarios in a fictional social media app.

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Screenshot of a teacher's student list in Banzai's Grading Interface web application

Built-in Teacher Support

The Banzai Grading Interface automatically grades each course and keeps your classes organized. Locking and unlocking modules ensures your students move at a set pace as they work through each course.

Interactive Library

The Banzai Library features up-to-date financial resources that cover concepts like mortgages, FAFSA, loans, banking, and taxes.

  • Articles

    In-depth, easy-to-understand articles that help you explain hard-to-understand financial concepts to students.

  • Coaches

    Like a virtual financial advisor, the Coach teaches students how to understand unique financial situations.

  • Calculators

    Simple, well-designed, and practical calculators that help students make a budget, predict loan payments, and more.

“Kids want snacks—snacks cost money.”

Teach kids how to manage money, buy their own goodies, and reach their full potential with Banzai. Start by watching this short video and signing up today.

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Thanks to the generous sponsorship of local banks and credit unions, Banzai is completely free for teachers and students.

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Banzai's Teacher's Guide booklet

How to Get Started with Banzai

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  3. Add your students
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  • Banzai is available for free with the help of local financial leaders in your community—like banks and credit unions. Because a local sponsor cares about your students’ future financial security, they cover the cost of Banzai (the online software and Library and printed booklets) for you and your students.

  • Each course is shorter than a school term but longer than the average class session. The three main Banzai Courses (Junior, Teen, and Plus) take roughly 3-6 hours for students to finish while others, like Internet Safety, take about 1-2 hours to complete.

  • No, the great thing about Banzai is that it supplements what you already do in your classroom. Banzai is designed to be flexible. Your students can work through every course or just one. They can use the booklets before, after, or during the accompanying course. You can even pick and choose parts of the product that work best for your class while leaving out the rest!