Financial Education is the Future

See why 750 banks and credit unions in all 50 states have partnered with the award-winning Banzai program.

Financial Education is the Future

See why 750 banks and credit unions in all 50 states have partnered with the award-winning Banzai program.

Dive deeper and see what the Coach does

Take a look at the inner workings of the Banzai Coach, our newest virtual financial mentor.

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Embeddable Content

All of the Banzai Calculators and Coaches are embeddable on your website, and with broad customization options, you can style them to match your brand. Plus, robust analytics lets you track how users interact with this content on your site.

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Watch the award-winning Finovate presentation

Banzai won Best of Show at FinovateFall 2018 in New York City.

"Banks should be encouraged to partner with and invest in professional experts who could deliver [financial education] services."

US Department of the Treasury
Banzai helps you

Create a culture of financial education

Banzai's content marketing solutions will not only boost your brand but also transform your community. You get the best of both worlds.

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Banzai teaches

Real-World finance

Banzai is a carefully designed program for all ages and groups, including K—12 schools, community programs, employee onboarding, and even families.

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Banzai redefines your

Customers' Pathway

Banzai has rethought your customer funnel with financial education that builds brand loyalty, multiplies customer touch points, and gets you in classrooms for face-to-face interaction.

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Did we mention CRA credit?

Read this case study about how Pinnacle Bank owned CRA compliance with Banzai.

Banzai gives you a

in a box

It's turnkey: Banzai handles all outreach for schools, hosts the online software, ships the printed materials, and provides technical support for users and teachers.

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Banzai does the

Content marketing

Banzai hosts a complete content marketing solution, including articles and interactive calculators designed to generate leads via offers and calls to action (CTAs).

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  • Build your Brand
    Your brand is present throughout the entire Banzai experience. This co-branding makes your brand stronger and more sophisticated.
  • Build your Strategy
    Analytics software lets you see granular data on usage, demographics, user locations, and online referral sources. All of this data helps you strategize your marketing and outreach efforts.
  • Grow Relationships
    Nothing beats face-to-face time with teachers and students using Banzai. Teachers who love the course will request a representative of your organization to come to their classrooms, or they can request a field trip to your nearest branch.
  • Focus your Efforts
    When you don’t have to worry about shipping, logistics, or support, you get the time to serve your community. Banzai’s robust support documentation helps you and all your users take full advantage of what Banzai offers.
  • Make it Personal
    With Banzai’s interactive library, you can customize offers and CTAs according to readers’ interests and needs, making it a personal experience.
  • Give Something Good
    Banzai courses are a unique, interactive experience designed to instill healthy attitudes toward personal finance. Players of all ages go through lifelike scenarios in any of three courses: Junior (ages 8–12), Teen (ages 13–18), or Plus (adults).
Your brand is present throughout the entire Banzai experience. This co-branding makes your brand stronger and more sophisticated.

"I think Banzai is a great teaching tool, and I think it has helped me budget better since I played the game."

P1FCU Employee Read the Case Study

Real-World finance

Hands-on learning through simulated activities changes behavior. Banzai is for all ages and has limitless potential for implementation in schools, community groups, and employees at your organization.

  • "Choose your own adventure"

  • Lifelike scenarios such as saving up for college, maintaining a credit score, and buying a house

  • Overwhelmingly positive feedback from students and teachers

  • Used by more than 45,000 teachers nationwide

"I could never say anything bad about Banzai. You guys had the product I wanted."

Kim Babington, VP of Community Outreach, SIUCU Read the Case Study

Customers' pathway

Banzai helps you earn loyalty by providing genuinely useful services, and the feedback from teachers and students is overwhelmingly positive—they love it! You also create more touch points in your service area when you're out in the community.

  • Used by more than half of US high schools

  • Real-time feedback from teachers

  • Banzai training and support for partnering with community organizations such as scout troops, churches, Boys and Girls clubs, and more

  • Analytics software to help you get into classrooms face to face and to develop real relationships with teachers

"One representative distributing Banzai is producing more results than nine people did with a $200K program. We are increasing loan volume and creating great relationships with students."

Amy Persyn, Marketing Manager, Extra Credit Union Read the Case Study

Department in a box

You don't have to master the Banzai program, and you don't have to bear the burden of logistics. You get a ready-made operations department trained and good to go.

  • Technical support staff and documentation for all users and teachers

  • Teacher outreach team with a multichannel approach: phone, digital, and live chat

  • Shipping of supplemental class booklets at no extra cost to you or your users

  • Sponsor Support team to field your questions and provide you with advanced reports

"Banzai's online tool helps teach students about financial responsibility"

Village News Feature Story Read More

Content Marketing

Banzai's content library boasts a suite of high-quality lessons designed to educate your members and potential members—and to generate leads in the process.

  • In-depth, well-designed content with articles, activities, and repayment calculators

  • Topics your subscribers care about: retirement, taxes, starting a business, insurance, and more

  • Customized offers and CTAs to cater to users' interests

  • PR to get you coverage in local news media

  • Granular data to inform your marketing strategy and store leads

  • Online referral sources and sign-ups

  • Usage data, test scores, and user locations

  • User demographics

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